Bioregulatory Systems Medicine (BrSM) is a comprehensive, innovative approach in medicine. It embraces the complexity of diseases by supporting the general idea of autoregulation and addressing underlying dysregulated biological networks.

The objective of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine is to improve patient outcomes by supporting a patient’s autoregulatory capacity.

This website introduces the core elements of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine. The scientific foundation is published in August 2015 in Frontiers in Physiology, Systems Biology section, a peer-reviewed journal. A more in-depth view on the scientific principles and background can be found in the recently published White Paper on BrSM that will serve as a future reference for the understanding and implementation of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine.

The White Paper provides details on its authors and reviewers and the methodology used to create the BrSM model. It describes anticipated outcomes and future goals of this approach.

The full text of the White Paper and the peer-reviewed publication can be downloaded in pdf format using the links below.


About BrSM Initiative

Learn more about the team behind the BrSM initiative, their goals and achievements.

BrSM model

Learn more about BrSM as a new emerging model for comprehensive patient treatment, and the corresponding chapters of the White Paper.

Authors & Reviewers

Read more about the White Paper authors and reviewers.

Frontiers publication

Redirect to Frontiers in Physiology, Systems Biology section, to read the open access peer-reviewed publication.